Killer Gin Update

Killer Gin Update 0.9.8(C) Homestead 0.2.4

- Hunger System Greatly Improved (Eating meals when at full health)

- Updated Game Dialogue

- Updated some skills (Taunts are improved)

- Updated graphics here and there.

- Corrected a glitch here and there.

PC Demo Link:

Can’t wait to hear back from you



Killer Gin PC 366 MB
22 days ago
Killer Gin Mac 367 MB
22 days ago
Killer Gin Linux 371 MB
22 days ago

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Your Kickstarter is closed?

I cannot find the page...

Hello Violette,

Thank you so much for asking. Fear not, the Kickstarter did not start yet, it has been postponed to March 21st. I just forgot to update it in the most recent update of the game.  A great way to track the progress of the game is through facebook or the official Killer Gin Website.


Facebook Game Page:




I bookmarked the links,Thanks ^^

No problem, thank you for your interest.